Moyu RS3M 2020
Moyu RS3M 2020

Moyu RS3M 2020

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One of the most exciting releases of the year, the MoYu RS3M 2020 is an economy magnetic 3x3 speed cube by famous cube brand Moyu. Astonishingly, the RS3M 2020 is becoming one of the most popular cubes on the market and replacing the more expensive mains of many pro speedcubers. This new version of the RS3M 3x3 features a mechanism rework, new color scheme, factory installed magnets, and MoYu’s classic dual adjustment system. The RS3M is part of the RS line at CubeCo, which include the RS2M and the RS4M.

Customer Reviews

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Yusuf Gamiet
so so good

wow i am impressed by this cube and thought because of the price it would be entry level but though im no speed cuber i cant imagine anything more to expect from a cube except self solving cube think 100 bucks more for a maglev which outperforms the best out there!

Heindrich Beyleveldt
Happiest Child!

Who would have ever thought that a new cube would bring such joy to my son...Rubiks just was not no longer good enough and this cube sure did meet and exceed the expectation my son had...

The interactive website with reviews and videos help me ensure that this was the next step up in my sons cubing evolution.

Thank you to CUBECO and MOYU!

Jaedyn Potgieter

Moyu RS3M 2020

Cody Lister
Best value for Money

I have tried so many cubes. And for me there is no better cube at this price range. This is my main and I think it will be for a while. Quality stuff.

D Stamatelos
Good Cube, Really Good for its price!

Good Cube, gets slow really easy so lube is very necessary. The best setting for the springs is 4 so it isn't too fast or slow. Very possible to get sub 20 or even sub 10 Highly recommend!