Gan 356 M
Gan 356 M
Gan 356 M
Gan 356 M

Gan 356 M

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The Gan 356 M is a flagship speed cube renowned for its exceptional performance and innovative features. Designed for speedcubers seeking unparalleled speed and control, the Gan 356 M sets a new standard in the world of puzzle solving.

Whether you're a professional speedcuber or an avid puzzle enthusiast, the Gan 356 M is a game-changer. Its exceptional performance, magnetic stability, and customizable features make it a preferred choice among those who strive for excellence and seek to push the boundaries of their solving skills. Prepare to experience the pinnacle of speedcubing with the Gan 356 M.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Lauren Polon
My son LOVES his Gan Cube!

My 11 year old son just discovered the joy of cubing. After lots of research, this was the one he wanted to work with yo improve his speed. He absolutely loves it!

Gideon Botha
Great cube

Great cube and great shopping experience

Pieter Kleinhans
My son learnt on this

For my son’s very first cube, I wanted something quality - and the 356M (Lite) promised to deliver.

From the unboxing to the first spin, it really impressed.

My son first started fiddling with my 4O year old Rubiks which is very sticky - so he was really able to appreciate the 356M as a next-gen cube.

Michael du Preez
great service, brilliant product

quick delivery, great quality, everything is 10/10 ( cube is sooooo smooth!!)

Jocelyn Visser
Excellent service

Great online shopping experience. Delivery sooner than expected.