Gan 356 M
Gan 356 M
Gan 356 M
Gan 356 M

Gan 356 M

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The Gan 356 M is a flagship speed cube renowned for its exceptional performance and innovative features. Designed for speedcubers seeking unparalleled speed and control, the Gan 356 M sets a new standard in the world of puzzle solving.

Whether you're a professional speedcuber or an avid puzzle enthusiast, the Gan 356 M is a game-changer. Its exceptional performance, magnetic stability, and customizable features make it a preferred choice among those who strive for excellence and seek to push the boundaries of their solving skills. Prepare to experience the pinnacle of speedcubing with the Gan 356 M.

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Customer Reviews

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Marcél Nagel
My First Speed Cube & I'm Loving It!

I gave away my Rubik's cube that I had 5-6 years ago and have been wanting to buy a new one since. 2 weeks ago, I saw one in Checkers but decided to look for better prices online. Compared to other online shops, CubeCo's prices were by far the best and after doing some research, I decided to go with the GAN 356 M, a budget speed cube with the feel one that is more expensive.

I'm extremely happy with my order as well as CubeCo's service. As stated on their website, delivery can take anything from 2-5 business days and I received my Cube on day 4 (understandably so since it was being delivered from Durban to Cape Town and there was heavy rain in Western Cape).

I can highly recommend this cube to anyone getting into speed cubing. Unlike the GAN 356 M Lite version, it has adjustable springs that come with the cube and different tension springs as well to get the cube to your desired speed. Do note, however, that it doesn't come with the tool to adjust it but it can be done using your fingers. The matt finish can be a bit slippery, although I believe that with enough practice, anyone can get used to it.

One downside with the cube is that GAN has an app that comes withit, but the app is having some issues launching on my Android. I recommend looking on Reddit as there are other users who reports on how to get it to work. I did get it launched once using a method there to change the DNS on your phone to get access to the GAN servers. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it working since. It's not a dealbreaker, but I would have loved to give it a shot.

Thanks CubeCo for amazing service and great products! I will definitely be ordering more of my cube tools in the future!

Darthanian Herbert

It is very quick, wasn't that expensive and it has amazing quality

Absolutely wonderful

Delivery time was less than a week, the cube is light, fast, smooth and easy to turn and customize. I love it so much, would 100% recommend.

Lauren Polon
My son LOVES his Gan Cube!

My 11 year old son just discovered the joy of cubing. After lots of research, this was the one he wanted to work with yo improve his speed. He absolutely loves it!

Gideon Botha
Great cube

Great cube and great shopping experience