Gan 356 M
Gan 356 M
Gan 356 M
Gan 356 M

Gan 356 M

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We The Gan 356 M Lite is Gan’s greatest budget 3x3. It is really fast yet controllable which makes for a great feeling and great performing cube. This magnetic 3x3 is definitely a must get for cubers wanting to step up their game to the Gan level of speedcubing. Gan is known for their amazing flagship cubes and the best performing cubes, and this cube certainly lives up to that. The Gan 356 M Lite is one of the best cubes to get and is way cheaper than cubes like the Gan 11 M Pro, so if you do not have the money for the more expensive cubes, this cube is perfect for you. The Standard version comes with extra GES Nuts(specialised springs) for customising your cube, whereas the Lite version does not.

Customer Reviews

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Neil van Niekerk

Gan 356 M

Gareth Volson
Good cube

Good performance out of the box, I ordered the lite version and never got the magnets and tool with it , very fast and amazing corner cutting

Cynthia Van Rooyen
Rubics cube

Service good but please make sure about address next time as parcel was on its way to Lapelale and address given is in KZN

Agnes Brown
GAN cube

It's the best cube I have had. Very happy with it. Love the magnets.

gan 356

beautiful. i recommend it