Gan 12M Maglev
Gan 12M Maglev

Gan 12M Maglev

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The Gan 12M Maglev is the newest Gan flagship cube, and is a huge upgrade on last years Gan 11M Pro. It uses repelling magnets instead of springs for tensioning, so it reduces friction and allows for much smoother and effortless turning.

It also has the Gan 11M Pro's magnet system, which is still fully customisable. This cube is great for all cubers, no matter your skill level. The Gan 12 Maglev is the new greatest 3x3!

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Steenkamp
Wow just Wow

I cannot believe how AMAZING this cube is!
I am so happy that it is not loose and I LOVE IT!!!

Tauseef Ally
A Good but pricey cube

I was really impressed with the price and speedy shipping from Cubeco, however the Gan 12 Maglev is still a very expensive cube, it does have some really good features such as the auto-alignment and maglev system, but does catch from time-to-time and does need a bit of weight 5 lubicle to slow it down a bit. It is a great cube however once you get used to it, and you can achieve some great times with it.

wayne dannler

Just wow. N'uff said

Aderemi Adesanmi

It's been a week and the cube handles extremely well. Obviously you have to tune it to your liking but even the base version feels like an elite speedcube.

Lisa Lazarus
Excellent Service

My cubes arrived within two days - everything perfect. My son was so happy with his birthday gift!! Excellent and reliable service.