CubeCo Durban Summer 22 results page

Cube Co Durban Summer 22 Wrap Up...

Podium winners for CubeCos Summer Comp
Well done to the podium winners at the CubeCo Durban Summer 22 event. This was the 3rd CubeCo WCA event to be held in Durban. A special thanks to Tim Lawrance for delegating at the comp. Thanks also to Winston Park Primary for allowing us to use the venue.
As always, Craig was super excited before the event.... (actually also after the event!). 
Exciting cube(r)
Durban is a cool place to live, a super cool place to holiday and especially cool to cube in. The sport of cubing is growing in Durbs. 
Please check out the FULL results on this WCA link.  In summary ->
Placing 2x2  3x3 4x4 5x5

Daniel Rush

Daniel Rush

Daniel Rush

Daniel Rush

2nd Waseem Hoosain Waseem Hoosain Waseem Hoosain Waseem Hoosain
3rd Christian Swartz Arav Maharaj Jaron Weyermuller Jaron Weyermuller
Placing Pyraminx Megaminx Skewb Square 1
1st Chase Roodt Daniel Rush Chase Roodt Daniel Rush
2nd Timothy Lawrance Waseem Hoosain Ryan Rees Timothy Lawrance
3rd Daniel Rush Chase Roodt Christian Swartz Bayden Boesak


Check out our comp pics below: 

Cubers Table Christian & Zayd getting ready for their next round! 
Ryan, Blake, Imani and Sibusiso crack on with the Mosaic!


 Spot yourself in our Comp Mosaic:

CubeCo Competition Mosaic 1 Cubers Mosaic 1 


Cubers Mosaic 2

 CubeCo Competition Mosaic


CubeCo Competition Mosaic  Cubers Mosaic 3


Thank you for making our comp so much fun! Merry Christmas and see you in