Shipping policy

1. Introduction

This shipping policy governs the delivery of the respective cubes and/or speed cubes (hereafter
referred to as ‘the cube’) purchased from Cube Co in the Republic of South Africa.

2. Process

Cube Co guarantees shipment of all in stock related cube/speed cube units as well as in stock accessories within 24 hours of receiving payment into the company's bank account.  As at January 2022, the courier agency suggests a delivery lead time of between 3 and 5 business days. 

Cube Co will select a suitable courier agency and register the goods with the courier agent. The goods will then be packaged in a suitable carton/box for delivery/collection to/by the courier company. Upon the receipt of the waybill the respective Cube Co personnel will then notify the customer via email of the waybill and tracking information. 

Cube Co will also update the customer's order information on the online platform with a status change. All information pertaining to the order will be reflective on the customer's order on the online store. 

3. Delivery and escalations

Cube Co will endeavour to assist with the tracking and delivery of the respective shipments. The tracking of the order is for the customer's responsibility.

If the order is not delivered within the 3 - 5 days prescribed window, the customer can contact for assistance with the delivery. Customer to include the order number in the communication with the Cube Co team.   

Cube Co team members will then assist in contacting the courier agent to track progress of delivery. Further updates will be sent by the Cube Co team to the customer regarding the escalation. 

4. Shipment failure

If the shipment is lost/damaged/destroyed by the courier agent then the Cube Co team will open a claim against the courier agent.  After analysing the reason of failure, the Cube Co team will endeavour to ship another in stock unit to the customer within 72 hours. 

5. Governing law

The law of the Republic of South Africa will govern all contracts/orders received in terms of this policy.