Returns Policy

1. Introduction

This returns policy governs the return of the respective cubes and/or speed cubes (hereafter
referred to as ‘the cube’) purchased from Cube Co in the Republic of South Africa.

2. Cooling off period

a. In terms of the Consumer Protection Act, any purchase from Cube Co will be covered by a 5
day cooling off period during which the consumer will be allowed to return the cube to CubeCo’s shipping address (refer to clause 6 below). The 5 day cooling off period starts from the date of purchase.
b. The cost for the return covered under this period will be for the customer’s account.
c. On receipt of the cube, the respective Cube Co staff member will inspect the cube. The
original packaging must be included with the cube, the original packaging must be in the
same condition as it left the Cube Co store, the cube must be in its original condition or in an
acceptable “original” condition, and the cube must reach the store by the 7th day following
the date of purchase of the said cube.
d. The respective Cube Co staff member will sign off the return of the product and the
customer will receive a refund to the value of the cube at time of purchase.
e. To facilitate the refund, the customer must provide a suitable proof of banking information
on a recognized bank’s letterhead.
f. Cube Co will endeavor to refund the client within 48 hours of receiving the sign-off as well
as the recognized bank confirmation, whichever is of later date.

3. Faulty or defective goods

a. Faulty and defective (used interchangeably) is defined as not meeting with the
manufacturer’s product design standard and quality standard.
b. If the cube is perceived to be faulty or defective by the customer, then the customer must
notify the staff at Cube Co via its website and/or by mobile phone via its WhatsApp account.
(Contact details in clause 6 below).
c. To assist the Cube Co staff member the customer is urged to send a picture or video of the
fault or defect via the WhatsApp line.
d. The Cube Co staff member will then contact the customer via mobile phone and make the
necessary arrangement for the return.
e. The Cube Co staff member will authorize the return of the alleged faulty or defective
f. Cube Co will cover the return of the cube.
g. Cube Co will offer a replacement cube to the customer. If the customer opts for a
replacement cube then Cube Co will cover the cost of the shipment to the customer of the
replacement cube.
h. For a faulty or defective cube the customer can opt of a full refund as per clause 2.(e) and
2.(f) above.
i. The customer can also opt for a Cube Co voucher to the value of the cube. The value
determined at time of original purchase.

4. Warranty and guarantees

a. Cube Co cannot offer a warranty or guarantee on the cube or any cube related product.
b. All cubes and cube related products are sold in its original equipment manufacturer’s
packaging or else as stated by Cube Co on its store.

5. Law

a. This policy is governed under the laws of the Republic of South Africa

6. Addresses and contact information

CubeCo’s shipping address is:
33 St Helier Road
Kwazulu Natal
South Africa
Mobile Number in South Africa for the WhatsApp line:
0836261177 (country code +27)
Contact Person in South Africa:
Craig Roodt –
Chase Roodt –
Cube Co’s web address contact form: