Gan Timer
Gan Timer

Gan Timer

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The GAN Smart Timer is a Bluetooth timer designed by famous speedcube manufacturer GAN. Powered by four AAA batteries with a sleek GAN design, the GAN Smart Timer has a variety of cool features streamlined specially for speedcubing: 


  • Buttons freeze until 1 second elapses to prevent accidental timer stops
  • Compatible with GAN smart cubes and Cube Station app
  • Records averages of 5
  • Durable, high quality buttons

    Batteries not included


    ***PLEASE NOTE*** This timer is only compatible with the Gan Timer Mat, and will not work with any other mat!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Tauseef Ally
    A solid timer

    The Gan timer is far cheaper than the stackmat timer, but a little more than the QiYi. It works really well and is well built. It takes 4 AAA batteries and runs for a long time, the Bluetooth function isn’t very useful since the Gan app really does need some development but nevertheless still has a lot of potential for 3rd part software developers. Overall a very good timer and worth the money especially in combination with the Gan mat.

    Lomar Roux
    Fantastic Service

    It's a great timer, that works perfectly... More than everything, I was impressed with the speedy service. Well done!

    Zandré Calitz
    Really good

    The gan timer is a really good timer, and the bluetooth funcyion is very cool!

    Elana Melson

    Gan Timer