CubeCo Summer Warmup Speedcubing Competition

The CubeCo Crew would like to thank all the cubers and spectators who came out from far and wide to compete and watch. We trust that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, and that most were extremely happy with the results that they received. 

 We also really hope that any cubers who haven't been to a competition yet will do so as soon as they possibly can, as all the cubers will tell you that they are 100% worth your time and expense! Please get in contact with us if you have any questions regarding the competition, and we can do our best to explain it to you. 

Below are some of the pictures taken at our recent competition, the Cubeco Summer Warmup, where 4 records and many cubers' PB's(personal bests) were broken. 

Well done to Waseem Hoosian, Daniel Rush and Chase Roodt for each breaking speedcubing records at the competition!

Waseem beat both the African 4x4 average and single with times of 36.86 and 32.10 seconds respectively.

Daniel beat the South African 3x3 average record with a time of 8.84 seconds.

Chase beat the South African Pyraminx average record with an average time of 4.17 seconds.

Summer Warmup Gallery

Records and PB's being set!

New Friends and Memories Being Created